From BrassCraft to contractors: the new Zip-It tool

The Zip-It aims to simplify common clogged drain problems.

BrassCraft Manufacturing is courting plumbing contractors with the new Zip-It tool, a cost-effective, chemical-free solution to common clogged drain problems.

"Zip-It could save the contractor time and is easy to use; it's always worth a try on a clogged drain," said channel marketing director Charles Pryde. "Every contractor should have one of these in his tool box and keep a ready supply on his truck."

The 20-inch plastic tool (featuring 18 inches of barbed length) can be used in many residential drains, including most household sink, shower and tub drains. According to the company, it can single-handedly unclog drains in 10 minutes or less.

It works by opening the drain stopper, turning on the water, inserting the Zip-It and then removing it slowly. Once used, it can be thrown away.


- 1:56 PM
SW654 says

Great product and works extremely well. I use it about every 6 months on my own shower/tub drain. Another Masco company, Cobra, was selling the Zip-It under their brand name since 2005 or earlier, so it's not exactly "new." I guess now that Cobra is a division of Brasscraft, they decided to re-brand and market the product as being new.

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