Boral facilities hold up in California quake

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake rolled through the Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties of California Aug. 24, but the Boral ProStone/Cultured Stone by Boral facilities in Napa are reporting "no harm done."

The plant survived the earthquake with no structural damage or interruptions, nor were there any injuries to employees or their family members, though the region as a whole suffered extensive damage.

“We feel very fortunate that no one was hurt,” said Pete Koska, general manager, Operations West Boral Stone Products. “Our facility was untouched; no loss of gas, power or even interruption of the servers. It’s a positive reflection on the integrity of our infrastructure.”

Koska added that things were running smoothly at regular shift start times and continued operating on schedule throughout the events.

Boral adheres to various earthquake and emergency preparedness drills that readied the staff to make effective safety checks before resuming production.

The equipment will continue to be inspected periodically as the region braces for aftershocks.

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