Bona AB and Kunzle & Tasin sign partnership

A deal brings together a maker of hardwood floors products and a market leader in sanding machines.

Bona AB, maker of products for hardwood floors, and Kunzle & Tasin, the market leader in the production of sanding machines, have entered into a strategic partnership.

The first step of this alliance is to offer customers a broader product portfolio as K&T will produce a combined range of Bona/K&T floor sanding machines. Bona will market and sell the products through its global organization, including through Bona’s extensive distribution network in the United States.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We will have the advantage of using the joint competencies of both companies to develop machines that satisfy the specific needs and requirements of our customers as our companies have strengths that complement each other,” said Kerstin Lindell, president and CEO, Bona.

Both companies pointed to several such ”competencies,” including  the market global leading position and presence in hardwood floor sanding and finishing of Bona, and the wide range of machines and flexible manufacturing organization of K&T.

The new partnership also means that Bona will close its production facility in Sweden and transfer it to Kunzle & Tasin in Italy.

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