BMC by the numbers

A slide from the BMC investor presentation.

BMC-Stock CEO Peter Alexander described “significant progress” for his company in 2016, partly thanks to the synergies achieved through the acquisition of Stock Building Supply, a little more than a year ago.

“Our merger, which we completed a little more than a year ago, unlocked numerous opportunities to expand the business and improve profitability," Alexander said. "During 2016, we achieved strong operational and financial results including significant gains in operating margins and cash generation."

During the company’s fourth quarter earnings call, BMC pointed to numbers that backed up the story of growth. Here are some statistical highlights:

  • Total company net sales for 2016: $3.1 billion
  • Total net sales growth: 10.5%
  • Amount of sales growth attributed to 2015 acquisitions of Robert Bowden and VNS: 4.2%
  • Total number of BMC-Stock locations: 91
  • Number of states in which BMC-Stock operates: 17
  • Share of total 2016 building permits generated in those 17 states: 63%
  • Ratio of locations operating on one single Enterprise Resource Planning system: 2/3
  • Amount of cost savings from synergies within the 2016 results: $31 million
  • Minimum expectations for additional cost savings by the end of 2017: $15 million
  • Sales of BMC’s proprietary ReadyFrame job-site framing solution: $103 million
  • Percent growth of ReadyFrame sales compared to 2015: 46%
  • Expectations for ReadyFrame sales by 2020: $300 million
  • Percentage of customers who are single-family homebuilders: 75%
  • Percentage of customers who are multi-family and commercial contractors: 13%
  • Number of individual customers  that account for more than 5% of total BMC sales: 0
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