BMC builds on sales at second national meeting

Terry Bradshaw, left, and BMC's Peter Alexander

The theme was "America's Homebuilding Recovery Starts With Us." The place was Las Vegas. And the guest speaker was football legend Terry Bradshaw. 

The second annual BMC National Sales Meeting was an all-hands-on-deck affair for the Boise, Idaho-based pro dealer's sales team and branch operations managers. The Jan. 9 to 12 event also had 140 vendor companies represented, along with about 200 customers. 

"The energy was good because the whole team was there," said BMC CEO Peter Alexander. "Our 'town-hall' meetings were very effective and they had good sales work on top of that."

During the event, Terry Bradshaw presented Alexander with a commemorative jersey when the multiple Super Bowl champion quarterback addressed the meeting Monday evening during BMC's "Sports Night." Referring to a remarkable play from 1972 that led to a touchdown and a playoff victory, Bradshaw said, "When I hear about the BMC story, it reminds me of the immaculate reception. They have a great team and a winning attitude."

During the meeting, Alexander and BMC's executive team detailed the company's strategy to their entire sales and management group, plus customers from all of the company's markets. The event also featured a large vendor trade show with exhibits from the industry's leading suppliers.

Alexander noted: "This year's show is larger by almost 300 participants, attended by four times as many vendor partners than last year, and included nearly 200 of our key customers.

"Today we are operating fundamentally well and incrementally better,” he added. “We understand that passion wins the business, but crisp execution keeps the customer."

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