BlueLinx adds new engineered lumber products to software solution

BlueLinx has announced that its onCENTER Engineered Lumber products are now included in the product library of MiTek's Sapphire Structure software.

With version 7.3.5 Service Pack 1, released June 28, 2012, users of Sapphire Structure can now specify onCENTER BLI Joists, onCENTER LVL and onCENTER Rim Board, and the MiTek Single Member Design Engine will analyze each member using material properties provided by BlueLinx.

"This is great news for our customers who design trussed roofs using MiTek Sapphire software," said Richard Graham, BlueLinx engineered lumber national engineering manager, "as they can now design onCENTER Engineered Lumber floors and headers without switching to another software program. The entire process will be streamlined, and the risk of errors will be reduced."

For BlueLinx customers not using MiTek software, the BlueLinx DOMA Studio offering includes DOMA Builder, a whole-house add-on to AutoCAD Architecture; DOMA Framer, a standalone CAD/Design package for roof and floor design; DOMA Sizer, a single-member design program; and DOMA Optimizer, a cutting optimizer to reduce waste when cutting orders from stock.

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