Bird-B-Gone's Ian Rowsby sets out on 2,650-mile trek

Ian Rowsby

Ian Rowsby, director of sales at Bird-B-Gone, has embarked on a 2,650-mile trek across the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

“Since I first read about the trail 10 years ago I’ve wanted to hike the PCT, and now seems like the perfect time,” Rowsby said.

The PCT is a 2,650-mile stretch of rugged terrain that consists of temperatures ranging from below freezing to 115 degressFahrenheit, 50 mountainous passes, serene wilderness and harsh desert climates. The journey will begin in Campo, California, on the border of Mexico and ends in Manning Park, British Columbia, Canada.

Rowsby will have food packages delivered to a number points along the trail. “You burn about 5,000 calories per day, so it’s nearly impossible to get enough food," he said. 

This trek is not Rowsby's first adventurous pursuit. Born and raised in the U.K., he raced motorbikes professionally until the age of 27. He then moved to the United States. After completing his degree (B-tec in Entomology), Rowsby pursued a career in the pest control industry, focusing on bird control.

The Bird-B-Gone family will be tracking Rowsby along his journey via GPS. “It’s inspiring to witness a friend and colleague follow through on a long held dream and begin a new chapter of life,” said a colleague of Rowsby’s.

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