Biodegradable Washdrops makes rinsing optional

Washdrops, a new product from Cequent Consumer Products, promotes the ability to wash cars or trucks with only one bucket of water.

Washdrops is described as a green, non-foaming solution that makes car washing easy. 

"With Washdrops, there’s no need for a hose or rinsing to wash a vehicle’s body, windows, chrome or hub caps,” said Marie Booyens, director of business development at Cequent Consumer Products, the product’s exclusive distributor.  “Washdrops is scientifically formulated to lift grime and dirt, leaving a beautiful shine without scratching."

Directions call for adding 1 oz. (three capfuls) of Washdrops to 1 gal. of water. Then apply the solution to a vehicle’s surface with a clean sponge and wipe dry immediately.

The company said the product works well in locations with hard-to-find water outlets or curtailed water usage.

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