Big ideas, small packages

Tool innovation puts power and versatility square in the hand of the user

1) DeWalt 15 oz. MIG  Weld Framing Hammer

The new DeWalt hammer packs a punch. The carefully designed all-steel 15 oz. DWHT51138 model strikes like a 28-oz. hammer, according to DeWalt. The lightweight heavy hitter also has a magnetic nail starter along the head and vibration absorption built into the grip. (

2) Rockler Silicone  Glue Brush

The silicone bristles of the new product are designed to spread glue time and time again. Woodworkers simply riffle the bristles like a deck of cards, and dried glue peels right off. At one end of the reusable glue brush is a 1-in.-wide brush with half-inch deep bristles. On the other end is a paddle-shaped tool to work in dovetail joints, finger joints and mortises. (

3) Hyde Retractable  Razor Scraper

A retractable, softgrip glass scraper with built-in storage is ideal for removing coatings, paint and stickers from glass, mirrors or windshields. The rubberized body provides a safe, sure grip as well as comfort. Tucked into the tool is convenient storage for up to five razor blades. ( 

4) Sheffield multi-use wire brush set

From Sheffield, a subsidiary of Great Neck Tools, the three-piece multi-use wire brush set includes a 7-in. brass bristle brush for clean soldering points, a 7-in. stainless steel brush to remove rust, and an 8.5-in. brass bristle brush with a built-in scraper. (

5) Wiss auto-retracting utility knife

Described by the manufacturer as a “revolution in safety,” the knife blade retracts automatically at the end of each cut, snapping the blade back in to the knife handle. A slide forward of the advance button brings the blade back for the next cut. The knife is from Apex Tool Group. (

6) Stanley screwdriver set

These six screwdrivers are color-coded — blue on the handle means Phillips, red means slotted. The set comes with a “storage rack” — a plastic organizer that mounts easily to a wall or pegboard. The heat-treated alloy steel bars are built to last in lengths of 3 ins., 4 ins. and 5 ins. A four-sided handle is designed for comfort with a slip-resistant textured grip. (

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