Best e-gifts? Safe Electricity makes suggestions

Safe Electricity, an Energy Education Council organization, has put out its list of top five safety-oriented gift picks for the year, encouraging retailers to stock their shelves with pragmatic products this holiday season.

"The holidays are a time to let people know how much you care about them," said Molly Hall, executive director of the Energy Education Council and its Safe Electricity program. "A practical gift that helps keep loved ones safe continues to say 'I care about you' long after the holidays."

The non-brand-specific list includes:

  • Appliance timers with safety turn-offs for those with a habit of leaving hot appliances on
  • Portable/extension cord GFCIs for detecting and preventing shocks
  • Tamper-resistant outlets or outlet plugs to protect young children
  • Non-contact voltage testers that can detect the presence of voltage without the need to touch any bare wires
  • Power/smart strips to help prevent surges and fires
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