Benjamin Obdyke forms Innovation Council

Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated has formed its Innovation Council for 2013. The roof and wall products manufacturer will rely on the varied perspectives of builders, contractors, designers and architects to form conclusions about best practices and innovative solutions in the marketplace.

"As a manufacturer, we recognize that we have limited insight into, and access to, the marketplace," said product development manager George Caruso. "We are constantly looking to interact with leading building professionals on the front lines of the construction industry, and the Innovation Council provides us with insight and ideas that we would likely otherwise miss. In exchange, we expose members to relevant market information related to building construction best practices and current industry trends."

The Council, which is made up of 97 members, plans to conduct in-person focus groups, attend tradeshows and build web resources. (The link to join is here.)

The Council also recently completed the 2013 Product Concept Survey to help determine what motivates construction professionals to choose certain building materials over others. The majority (62%) of the Council worked on the questionnaire.

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