BehrPro lends paint and volunteers in Greater Atlanta

BehrPro offered up 155 gallons of paint, as well as a team of 25 local volunteers, during the 2013 Hands on Atlanta Day on Oct. 5.

As the official paint sponsor and active participant in the event -- which is dedicated to revitalizing various communities in Greater Atlanta -- BehrPro teamed up with more than 7,000 other participants to help transform approximately 65 locations.

"We were honored to join the 23rd Annual Hands On Atlanta Day and be a part of the thousands of community members who donated time and labor to help restore the schools and nonprofits in need," said BehrPro sales representative Phillip Hayes, who led the volunteer efforts. "With BehrPro's portfolio of high-quality products, Atlanta will receive the beautification it deserves, with lasting durability that requires less maintenance."

Hayes worked closesly with Raquel Hudson, associate director of corporate volunteerism at Hands on Atlanta, who was also in charge of selecting BehrPro as the exclusive paint and stain supplier, citing a good track record with the company during previous residential and commercial projects. BehrPro also provides professional services, such as jobsite delivery, factory tinting and expert advice.

"With the majority of Hands On Atlanta Day projects focused on restoring high-traffic areas, such as local schools or community centers, it was critical that the paint be durable enough to withstand consistent wear and tear," said Hudson. "However, it was important that the paint was easy for our volunteers -- some of whom have limited experience with large-scale paint projects -- to apply in a short period of time. We also prefer to use bright, vibrant colors to create uplifting and inviting environments. Fortunately, we were able to find a variety of products that met all the criteria through the BehrPro program."

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