Beazer unveils first green model home near Indianapolis

Atlanta-based home builder Beazer Homes has debuted its high-performance, energy-efficient eSMART Green showcase home in Fishers, Ind., at South Avalon Estates, near Indianapolis.

The eSMART Green homes are up to 44% more energy efficient than comparable-sized houses built 10 to 15 years ago, according to research conducted by the NAHB Research Center.

"Our eSMART Green homes are designed to maximize savings while minimizing the overall environmental impact of building and maintaining a home," said Bruce Craig, president of Beazer's Indianapolis new homes division. "We've built in greater efficiency from the ground up, and the result is significantly lower energy bills for our homeowners."

The eSMART Green showcase home offers a number of green features including: • R49 blown-in cellulose insulation in the attic, • R19 on exterior walls, • High-efficiency low-e windows with additional sealing around exterior penetration points, • High-efficiency furnace, • Energy Star appliances, • Tankless water heater, • Programmable thermostats, • Compact fluorescent light bulbs, • Home energy monitor, • High-grade MERV 10 air filters, • Fresh-air ventilated ducts, and • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions paints.

The home also conserves water with a manifold plumbing system that delivers water directly to individual fixtures rather than routing it through the foundation. Other elements include water-saving faucets and shower heads and dual-flush toilets. In addition, exterior landscaping uses regionally appropriate plants.

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