Bayou City Lumber stocks shelves with fire-resistant products

Citing the region's prolonged periods of dry weather, Houston-based Bayou City Lumber has expanded its product offerings to include fire-resistant lumber.

"While it may slowly smolder and show some damage, fire-resistant lumber won't become engulfed in flames that are allowed to spread to other parts of a structure," said the company in a statement. "Buckling, twisting, warping and disintegrating are avoided because the lumber is designed not to combust. This makes it the perfect choice for isolated areas where fire may have time to spread, and it's ideal for protecting buildings from the threat of fire that spreads along a fence line."

The company also cited the lumber's ability to prevent fires from spreading from one area of the house to another.

Bayou City Lumber's fire-resistant lumber selection will include basic 2x4 frame materials; 2x10 timbers for added support, decks and other projects; and 4x8 plywood sheets for flooring, decking and walls.

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