Back in the US: Whirlpool brings manufacturing home

In a move that's sure to be seen as a boon for American manufacturing, Whirlpool Corporation has announced its plans to move the production of its commercial front-load washing machines from Monterrey, Mexico to Clyde, Ohio, with production officially beginning in April 2014.

"We continue to invest in advanced manufacturing processes in our Clyde, Ohio plant where we have a highly skilled workforce, making this a smart, long-term business decision for us," said Jeff Durham,VP U.S. manufacturing for Whirlpool Corporation. "We look forward to ramping up production and building this quality product, for the U.S. and abroad, right here in Clyde Ohio."

According to the company, this is part of an overall strategy to build products in the same regions where they are primarily sold. The relocation will create 80-100 new jobs in Clyde over the next three years, as well as increase operational efficiencies.

The Clyde plant, at 2.4 million sq. ft., is the largest washing machine plant in the world, according to the company. All residential washers are currently produced there.

The washing machines in question are primarily sold in the U.S., with only 10% being exported to Europe, Australia, Latin America and Asia. 

Meanwhile, Whirlpool's Mexico facility will add a new residential washer production line for the Mexico market.

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