Back in play: Innocent Sellers Act

Representative Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) earned the praise of lumber dealers by reintroducing the "Innocent Sellers Fairness Act."

Here's how National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) officials called it:

"NLBMDA applauds Representative Farenthold for his effort to bring balance to our legal system by recognizing that business owners that only sell products, and are not involved in the manufacturing process, should not be held liable for defects that they did not create."

— Chuck Bankston, NLBMDA chairman and president of Bankston Lumber in Barnesville, Ga.

"No amount of care can free a seller from disproportionate product liability, and plaintiffs' lawyers know this. They routinely sue anyone in the chain of distribution of a product, often forcing settlements out of otherwise innocent merchants. These abusive product liability cases are part of a growing litigation burden on our nation's small businesses and our economy. ... We urge Congress to act swiftly on H.R. 2746."

Michael O'Brien, NLBMDA president and CEO

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