AZEK Rail Metal Balusters make connections

AZEK Building Products introduced new AZEK Rail Metal Balusters in round and square styles.

The balusters are designed to include an extruded screw “chase” or channel to allow a direct screw attachment to the railing. This design allows for a stronger baluster connection as the baluster is connected directly to the railing. It also eliminates unattractive plastic connectors to give the railing a clean look, according to the company. All balusters, straight and stair, come ready to install with no cutting required on the jobsite.

The stair balusters are pre-cut to a typical 35-degree angle to accommodate the majority of stair designs. 

The products are available in four lengths (29 in., 31 in., 35 in. and 37 in.) as well as stair balusters in two lengths (31 in. and 37 in.).  These lengths are designed to meet rail building codes in all areas.  

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