AZEK pavers alleviate stormwater runoff issues

AZEK VAST Pavers, now available nationally through pro lumberyards and building supply centers, had announced a welcome option to assist with stormwater runoff problems that offers great looks and durability. Brought to landscape contractors and DIYers through a strategic partnership between AZEK Building Products and VAST Enterprises, the product line's Permeable paver in 4-in. by 8-in. size is designed to help alleviate residential and commercial stormwater runoff issues.

Made with up to 95% recycled scrap tires and various plastics, AZEK VAST Permeable Pavers install on an innovative grid system up to three times faster than traditional masonry pavers, according to AZEK. They are uniquely designed to reduce rain runoff into storm drains and decrease storm water pollutants by infiltrating rainwater on building sites. The pavers have a tested infiltration rate of more than 450 inches per hour (4.9 gallons per square foot per minute) when installed with aggregate conforming to ASTM D448 No. 8.  

According to Michael Gori, director of product management for AZEK Building Products, "With the beauty of traditional hardscapes, AZEK VAST Permeable pavers in 4-in. by 8-in. size are preferred by landscape architects and contractors for stormwater applications in large commercial jobs, including plazas and walkways, but work equally well for residential patios and driveways."

AZEK VAST Permeable Pavers are slip-resistant and manufactured with spacer lugs that are engineered to maintain a precise 0.275-in. space between pavers. This ensures that they can be installed according to ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG) # 302.3, which calls for such spaces to be no greater than one-half inch wide. Impact- and slip-resistant , they are easier on the feet than concrete or clay pavers. Like all AZEK products, AZEK VAST Permeable Pavers are engineered to last, featuring a lifetime no-crack guarantee for residential installations.

The AZEK VAST grids (manufactured of the same recycled materials as the pavers) are laid out on the same type of sub-base required for landscape or permeable pavers made of concrete. Installers insert the pavers into the grids and the pavers are automatically aligned. Once the sub-base is prepared, the pavers are installed on the grid to form the desired pattern quickly and easily.

The pavers are available in five colors.

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