AZEK adds moulding styles to its collection

Scranton, Pa.-based AZEK Building Products introduced new architectural moulding styles for ornate, classic or historic designs.

With the addition of a group of four new creative moulding profiles, AZEK Mouldings now includes 25 distinct moulding profiles that endure weather or assist in water management. The new styles are: 

• AZEK Crosshead Pediment: This profile consolidates three unique profiles in one -- a trimboard, rams crown and drip edge. Commonly used above the entranceway or garage door, this profile provides a classic and distinctive layered look. Because it's pre-formed, it saves the time and labor of cutting and installing three separate profiles.

• AZEK Cove Crown: This profile may be combined with others to create elaborate crown moulding profiles and is typically used along the intersection of a wall and ceiling.

• AZEK Eight-Inch Crown: This larger version of the popular traditional crown moulding provides a stately appearance and is most commonly used along the intersection of a wall and ceiling. Built-up profiles can be created by combining this with other mouldings for an ornate statement.

• AZEK Fluted/Reeded Casing: This reversible profile provides two moulding options in one.  Reed mouldings are often used to build elaborate door and window casings, while fluted profiles are standard when building Neoclassical style-casing mouldings.

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