Armstrong hits 100 million-mark in ceiling recycling program

Armstrong World Industries, a leading manufacturer of acoustical ceilings, has announced that its ceiling recycling program has now diverted more than 100 million sq. ft. of old ceiling tiles from landfills.

The Lancaster, Pa., company enables building owners and contractors to ship ceilings from renovation projects to the nearest Armstrong ceiling plant. Under the program, the company pays the freight costs for shipping the old ceilings, which it uses as raw materials in the manufacture of new ceilings.

Armstrong has recycled more than 50,000 tons of discarded mineral fiber ceiling tiles since the program was introduced in 1999. This represents more than 14,000 dumpsters full of construction waste that would have normally been taken to landfills.

Among the companies and organizations that have participated in the recycling program are Microsoft, Pfizer, Nike, Food Lion, National Security Agency, The World Bank, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Penn State University.

According to Joann Davis-Brayman, VP marketing for commercial ceilings, the process for recycling old ceilings has proven to be nearly as fast as dumping them, so the program has little impact on construction schedules. It also can be less costly than dumping because it eliminates landfill fees, container costs and the expense associated with transportation to the landfill, she said.

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