Armed with iPads, BMC rolls out BMC 2 Go

Boise, Idaho-based BMC is rolling out a suite of enterprise mobile apps called “BMC 2 Go” that will transform sales and operations business processes, making employees more mobile, productive and effective through high-value Apple iPhone and iPad applications.

Boston-based tech firm Apperian partnered with BMC to provide its Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE) as the iOS app management platform to deploy and manage mobile applications for its nationwide network of sales and operations personnel.

The mobile strategy is described as “groundbreaking” by Malini Balakrishnan, BMC’s chief information officer and VP process optimization.

“BMC 2 Go will empower our people in the field,” Balakrishnan said. “As employees visit job sites, they will be able to access data and documents -- on demand -- that live behind our firewall. This will allow them to share valuable, proprietary content like videos and PDFs of different styles and brands of building products, which will enable customers to make important buying decisions in real time.” 

BMC 2 Go will give builders and their buyers access to content that will help them visualize the finished project before or during construction.

“Our groundbreaking interactive tool is an industry first, and further distinguishes BMC’s products and services on the competitive landscape by making the buying process that much more seamless for our customers,” Balakrishnan said.

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