Architectural masterpiece embraces LED lights

What would Frank Lloyd Wright think about LED lighting? We’ll never know. But one of his most famous projects has been retrofitted. 

You can call it: “Frank Lloyd Light.”

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation approached Christopher Thompson to collaborate on a project to incorporate green designs into Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West building in Scottsdale, Ariz. One result is a retrofit of the interior and exterior lighting for more than 5,000 lamps across the building’s landscape.

The project, called Energizing Taliesin West removed old incandescent light bulbs and brought light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

“As new advancements within LED lighting have developed, past issues of narrow light beams and high prices have been eliminated, which makes LEDs all the more desirable and available,” said Thompson. “The cost efficiency coupled with sustainable energy leads to the reality that people really won’t have a choice but to embrace LED. But finding what type of LED to use is an issue I expect to see amongst consumers.”

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