Ansell to use Kevlar in work gloves

An agreement between DuPont and glove manufacturer Ansell will result in a new safety glove that utilizes Kevlar, best known for its use in police vests, military equipment and other non-construction applications.

“Our collaboration with Ansell is a great example of how Kevlar can be spun with other materials to make another series of superior products to better protect people around the world,” said Thomas Powell, president, DuPont Protection Technologies. “This collaboration combined DuPont’s fiber and yarn technology with Ansell’s innovative glove design, tailored for specific applications. In this case, we developed a new manufacturing process to specifically produce ultra-lightweight steel-containing yarn, used in concert with our decades of experience in nylon, spandex and Kevlar fibers.”

The new Kevlar glove, designed to protect hands and fingers from injury, will be added to Ansell’s ActivArmr line designed for workers across construction sectors, including specialty trades such as HVAC, plumbing, heavy labor sectors and general contractors. Other gloves in the portfolio are targeted specifically for use by the military.

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