Amazon agrees to pay N.J. sales tax

Gov. Chris Christie has announced an agreement with Amazon, the Internet’s largest retailer, that will levy state sales tax on purchases made by New Jersey residents. Saying it took “months of hard work and good faith discussions,” the governor said it will be Amazon’s “obligation” to track and collect the sales tax starting in July 2013.

A similar agreement was struck with Nevada earlier this month and Texas in April.

The New Jersey accord came sugar-coated in an Amazon promise to build two large “fulfillment centers” in New Jersey, at a cost of $130 million, ultimately creating 1,300 full-time jobs. Construction is expected to start next year, Christie said.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) issued a statement that said: “Today New Jersey joins 13 other states, including California, Texas and Virginia, who have taken action to close a decades-old loophole that hurts Main Street retailers.  Finally, Governor Christie today joined a broad range of governors who have called on Congress to pass a comprehensive federal solution that gives states the power to enforce their tax laws and ensure that all retailers play by the same rules.”


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