AM Conservation Group rolls out Simply Conserve line

Charleston, S.C.-based AM Conservation Group, a manufacturer and distributor of energy and water conservation products, will roll out its new product line called Simply Conserve, introducing the first-ever cohesive line of both energy- and water-saving products for the home to consumers nationwide.

Providing an assortment of innovative solutions that make conservation simple and affordable, the new Simply Conserve line helps consumers significantly reduce water and energy use, saving hundreds of dollars annually on utility bills. Many of the products have been in use in homes for years through programs that AM Conservation Group has in place with multiple utility companies nationwide. Now, with the introduction of the Simply Conserve brand, consumers can now easily identify and purchase the full line of energy and water saving products at a variety of retailers, as well as online.

“Our products are designed to save consumers energy, water and, consequentially, money,” said Todd Recknagel, CEO of AM Conservation Group. “We have been providing consumers with AM Conservation Group products through our partnerships with utility companies nationwide for more than 20 years. With the launch of our new Simply Conserve line, we are now able to bring these products to the forefront of the retail sector and provide millions of consumers the chance to save on their utility bills.”

The company’s line can save millions of dollars for consumers through a variety of electricity, water and weatherproofing products, the company claims.

Among the products are:

• Furnace Filter Whistle: Improving energy efficiency, the whistle easily attaches to a furnace (air) filter and whistles when the filter becomes 50% clogged reminding consumers to change their filter.

• Toilet Tummy Water Saver: Improving water efficiency, the Toilet Tummy saves more than one-half gallon of water per flush.

• Triple Seal Door Sweep: Premium door sweep covers larger gaps than most (up to three-quarter inch) using three vinyl fins to keep out drafts and save energy in the home.  

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