Allied introduces vapor-seal outlet boxes

Bryan, Ohio-based Allied Moulded Products introduced a full line of patented vapor seal electrical boxes.

The boxes prevent air infiltration on walls/ceilings where “holes” for electrical device and ceiling boxes are required.  

In compliance with the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, the vapor seal electrical boxes create an “air tight” wall opening. They also come with many standard features that reduce material and labor costs for the builder. Knockouts on fiberglass boxes are molded complete, which will reduce drafts, and are easily removed with wire for a “no-tools” installation. 

We are extremely proud of this full line of products,” explained Bob Knecht, marketing manager. “They are ideal for new work residential construction. Not only do they address the issue of energy efficiency, but they also help with sound attenuation by creating a sound proof seal.  Testing shows STC rated common walls are not compromised with Allied Moulded FiberglassBOX products installed.”

The products carry U.S. Patent no. 6,908,003 B2. The full line of vapor seal products includes single through 5-gang wall boxes, range/dryer boxes, and nail-on and bar-mounted round ceiling boxes, both fan and fixture support rated.

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