AkzoNobel launches paint visualization app

AkzoNobel's augmented reality app is a few steps above holding paint chips to one's wall.

London-based paint and coating manufacturer AkzoNobel has employed the technological acumen of String, a U.K. computing company, in its bid to enter the augmented reality ring.

This latest addition to virtual reality-based home improvement applications -- most recently exemplified by Lowe's -- helps consumers visualize paint colors in their own homes.

"Choosing interior colors for your home or business is a very personal undertaking," said Paul Skidmore, director of product, who oversaw the development at String. "The capability to choose real paint colors, and then preview them live on your own walls, will we hope, remove some of the risk that consumers might worry about."

Known as the Dulux Visualizer, the free app will be released in major markets (but not the U.S.) throughout June and July, and will be compatible with iOS and Android.

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