Air-powered tools, by the numbers

Channel analysis
Air-powered tools have a market size of $184,163,000, according to research from Port Washington, N.Y.-based research firm NPD Group. Consumer research also shows mass merchants and specialty stores are growing, while warehouse home centers dominate the field.

Product attributes 
Nailers continue to be the most popular air-powered tool type, growing in importance last year and declining slightly this year. Drills and sanders have made notable increases in sales in the most recent 12 months. The majority of air-powered tools are not sold as part of a kit, according to the NPD Group’s data, and this trend continues to grow.

Purchase motivators
Price is the primary factor determining which retailer is shopped, but proximity to home has grown in importance to 15.6% share. When it comes to the actual purchase, consumers put an emphasis on brand, price and features. Price declined slightly in importance over the past two years, while brand and features increased in importance.

Demographic analysis
Over the past two years, consumers age 45 and over have grown in importance for the air-powered tools category. Consumers with incomes under $15k and more than $100k have increased slightly in share, while those with middle incomes have held relatively steady from last year.

Methodology: NPD data are based on monthly tracking of more than 30 home improvement-related categories and 30,000 opt-in consumers.
*2011 data reflects the period October 2010 through September 2011.
**Key: WHC: warehouse home center; MM: mass merchant; DS: department store; SS: specialty store; HS: hardware store
*** More than one answer accepted

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