The AHMA tackles federal budget in survey

American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA) members have offered opinions about the federal budget as part of the group's Industry Confidence Index survey.

The group's April Confidence Index survey asked two questions of AHMA members. The first was: “The Obama administration has proposed raising taxes on persons making more than $250,000 per year as part of a plan to reduce the federal budget deficit.  In your opinion, is this an effective way to reduce the deficit?”

Twenty percent responded “Yes,” 7% percent responded “Not Sure,” and 73% responded “No.”

The second question was: “Some members of Congress are renewing calls for passage of a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution as a solution to the budget deficit problem. Are you in favor of a balanced budget amendment?”

On the balanced budget amendment, 63% responded “Yes,” 20% responded “Not Sure,” and 17% responded “No.”

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