AHMA survey shows concerns over Europe

A survey of members of the American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA) shows that the ongoing economic crisis in Europe has affected 52% of the businesses involved. Another 33% said they were unaffected. The remainder were unsure and not involved in European commerce.

Whether or not the housing sector of the home improvement industry is poised for growth split the survey respondents three ways: 41% said yes, 22% said no, and the remainder weren’t sure.

These two supplemental questions were attached to the AHMA’s July Confidence Index Survey, which fell approximately 42 points from June 2012. July’s index number was 262.5, down from 304.2.

In comparing current sales levels with year-ago levels, 63% of respondents said sales were higher in July versus year-ago levels, down from 73% in June. For July, 19% reported sales were even, and 19% said sales were below year-ago levels.

Looking forward six months, 41% of the participants in July’s survey said they expect sales to be even in six months, and 15% expect sales to be below current levels.

Looking forward one year, 78% of respondents project sales will be higher, up from 64% who felt that way in June. Fifteen percent of July respondents project sales will be even one year from now, and 7% project sales will be below current levels.

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