AHMA Survey says: Eliminate red tape

As part of its June Industry Confidence Index, the American Hardware Manufacturers Association posed two additional “hot topic” survey questions to its members, regarding members’ opinions of the passage of the proposed Jobs and Energy Permitting Act and of free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea.

The first question asked: “H.R. 2021, The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act, proposes to eliminate red tape, bureaucratic delays and prolonged litigation to obtain permits currently common under the Clean Air Act. Specifically, it would allow for the increased development of domestic energy off the coast of Alaska. Do you support passage of this act?” The response from AHMA members was largely positive, with 84% in favor, 16% unsure and 0% against the act. 

Members also responded affirmatively to the second question: “Governmental action on free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea has been postponed at least until July, and perhaps until after the August recess. Are you in favor of enactment of these agreements?” To this question, 52% answered “Yes,” 44% “Not Sure” and 4% “No.”

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