AHMA survey helps Congress look for red tape

A survey of members of American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA) reveals a majority believe health care reform will negatively impact their business.

The survey questions were prompted by Congressman Darrell Issa's (R-Calif.) solicitation for input from the AHMA to help identify existing and proposed regulations that have negatively impacted job growth. Issa is chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Regarding the Health Care Act,  71% expect a negative impact; 10% do not; and 19% weren't sure.

Regarding VOC-related regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, 52% expect a negative impact; 32% did not; and 16% were not sure.

Regarding Cap & Trade legislation, 61% expect a negative impact; 16% do not; and 23% were not sure.

According to AHMA CEO Timothy Farrell, the AHMA is "encouraged by signals from Washington that a more realistic, pro-business legislative agenda will exist in the new Congress and we were happy to respond to Congressman Issa’s request for input from our association.”


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