AHMA survey delves into supercommittee's failure

A survey of members of the American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA) showed skepticism that progress can be made to reduce the budget before elections.

The survey also showed that members feel both parties are to blame for the failure of the so-called supercommittee to draft a compromise to cut costs.

The results of the survey were released as part of the AHMA's Home Improvement Industry Confidence Index, which improved in November.

The first of two survey questions was: “The congressional committee charged with finding $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions announced on Nov. 21 that it has failed to reach an agreement. Some analysts now say that nothing will be accomplished until after next year’s elections. Do you think progress can still be made on reducing the deficit before the elections?” The survey showed 31% responded “Yes,” 15% responded “Not Sure,” and 54% responded “No.”

The second question was: “Who is most to blame for the deficit supercommittee's failure?” The response was 27% Democrats and 73% both Republicans and Democrats.

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