AGCO's Randy Hoffman and David Caplan retire

Randy Hoffman, as well as his colleague David Caplan, are retiring at the end of the year.

AGCO has announced the retirement of two of its SVPs, Randy Hoffman and David Caplan, effective Dec. 31.

"As highly respected business professionals in the industry, we extend our well wishes, appreciation and gratitude to Randy and David for their many years of inspirational leadership and personal dedication to AGCO," said Martin Richenhagen, chairman, president and CEO of AGCO. “Both men have left a lasting impact on the agricultural industry as well as supporting AGCO as a global leader in the market.”

Randy Hoffman, who served as SVP global sales & marketing and product management, has been with the company since 1995 and has held various key management positions since. He is credited with leading the development of various global brand strategies, AGCO's entry into emerging markets, and its sustainability strategy.

David Caplan, who is SVP materials management worldwide, brought his extensive industry knowledge to bear on the company when he joined in 2003. Caplan revamped AGCO's purchasing organization, worked on various cost-savings initiatives, and launched AGCO's Global Purchasing Excellence initiative.

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