After tornado, Lincoln Windows keeps working

With its Merrill, Wis., headquarters and final assembly plant hit by a tornado April 10, Lincoln Windows issued a press release indicating the company is continuing operations.

The company said its Timeline, Wis., facility was not damaged by the tornado and is fully operational now that shared computer operations have been restored. Production has already resumed on existing and incoming orders, according to the company.

Lincoln stressed its production facilities have not been destroyed. "We are repositioning the departments that were affected to our other facilities and plan to resume production within the next three weeks. Communications are still limited, but should be reestablished soon."

The tornado that damaged the Merrill facility was one of 11 confirmed tornadoes that hit Wisconsin April 10. More than 60 homes and 12 businesses were either damaged or destroyed. Even though the area was heavily hit, only minor injuries were suffered in the community. The only injury at Lincoln was sustained by a security guard. The tornado impacted on a Sunday evening when most employees were not at work.

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