Ace rewires with Digital Lumens LED Lighting

Ace Hardware Corporation has employed the wares of Digital Lumens in upgrading the lighting of its 1-million-sq.-ft. Retail Support Center in Rocklin, California.

The facility has been outfitted in Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting since October 2013, saving Ace an average of 81% on lighting-related energy use, the company said.

“As a member-owned cooperative, every dollar we save using the Digital Lumens system directly benefits our member stores,” said Reid Barney, facilities & loss prevention manager for Ace Hardware. “And since lighting is our single biggest energy warehousing expense, reducing lighting-related energy usage by an average of 81% since installing the system translates into extraordinary bottom-line savings. With higher quality light, we’ve more than doubled the foot candle readings within our facility, resulting in enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction – all while saving massive amounts of energy.”

The process involed an eight-month research project led by Pacific Gas & Electric to quantify the potential benefits, followed by the replacement of all 1,653 light fixtures in the facility. This in turn had the effect of reducing Ace's power usage per square foot by 39.56%.

The PG&E study found that systems with "aggressive advanced controls" (read: the Digital Lumens system as it compares to basic LED lighting) deliver 43% more energy savings.

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