Ace launches online greeting card tool

Ace Hardware has launched, “Ace Your Face,” a marketing campaign that allows consumers to create and send holiday greetings online -- against an Ace backdrop.

Available on, this online tool allows individuals to upload photos and create customized holiday scenes. The eight settings feature group shots with matching snowman sweaters, winter sports adventures and Santa visits.  “Ace Your Face” can be shared via e-mail, social media sites and blog links. 

The marketing and advertising promotions for the campaign include direct e-mails to corporate employees and to members of Ace Rewards, Ace’s one-to-one customer loyalty program. Promotions can also be found on banner ads on social media sites like Facebook, as well as AOL and Yahoo!, and paid search initiatives.

The Oak Brook, Ill.-based company said “Ace Your Face” site has attracted nearly 60,000 visitors, and more than 12,000 of them have created cards and sent them on to an average of two people each. During its first week, “Ace Your Face” ranked in the top spot in Google’s natural search results and has been seen in more than 120 countries around the world, the company said.

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