ABC Supply employee rescues abused puppy

It’s been more than two weeks since Al Stewart, an ABC Supply employee in Doraville, Ga., saw a puppy tossed out of a moving car in front of his workplace. The Daschund-Chihuahua mix was approximately nine weeks old, and before Stewart could get to it, the puppy was hit by a car.

“It happened right as Al was pulling into the parking lot,” reassistant store manager Trey Couch told Home Channel News. “The dog just went flying out of the [vehicle’s] door.”

Stewart brought the badly injured puppy into the store, and another employee, Ken Hayes, called his wife. Jennifer Hayes rushed the dog to a veterinary hospital and agreed to pay for surgery to fix its leg. The bill came to more than $1,400, according to Couch.

That’s when the fundraising began, starting with a Facebook page and then a website called Approximately $2,100 was collected for the puppy, who is recovering nicely.

Couch said he didn’t think the dog has been named yet.  

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- 2:33 PM
ckabcsupply says

Al, I have a "Chau-weenie" dog (same breed as the one u saved). Kopper was only 2 lbs at 8 weeks old. I don't know how this puppy survived but I hope these abusers were caught! Kopper is the sweetest, funniest, loving animal we have had yet. I do animal rescue transport & I can tell you, it is very sad to see any animal tossed aside. KUDOS to you! I hope a loving home is found soon! Cheri (another ABC Supply employee - Madison WI)

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