84 Lumber builds house for fire victims

A couple from Callery, Pa., who narrowly escaped a fire that destroyed their home will soon move into a new 1,300-sq.-ft. house being built for them by 84 Lumber.

Judy and Ed Conway fled their doublewide mobile home on July 27, and news coverage of the couple’s plight reached Maggie Hardy Magerko, president of 84 Lumber. The national LBM chain, headquartered in Eighty Four, Pa., put the wheels in motion to replace the damaged structure with a three-bedroom, two-bath house with a carport¸ deck and storage shed. The home, located in a rural area outside of Pittsburgh, also contains other ADA-compliant features. 

“Maggie saw a TV news report of the fire and how the couple barely escaped,” said Jeff Nobers, VP marketing and public relations for 84 Lumber. “Mrs. Conway has had multiple health issues over the years and had just returned home from medical care. It struck Maggie deeply, what these folks have already been through and now faced the loss of their home.  She felt compelled to help this couple live out their years in comfort and in a house that Mrs. Conway could easily navigate.”

Demolition and excavating services are being donated, Nobers said, and the foundation block and concrete are being purchased at cost. One of 84 Lumber’s customers, a modular builder, is in charge of construction. Materials (including interior fixtures and finishing) will cost 84 Lumber about $90,000, Nobers estimated, and appraise at $150,000. 

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