3M launches 'Go To' industrial masking tapes

3M is Making Masking Simple.

The company's new line includes 3M Value Masking Tape 101+ for basic jobs such as marking, temporarily holding, wrapping and sealing; 3M General Use Masking Tape 201+ for everyday jobs like bundling, labeling and identifying; 3M Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+ for industrial paint masking, bundling, color coding and sealing; 3M High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+/233+ for high-performance industrial painting of aircraft, buses, trailers, trucks, boats, trains and other specialty vehicles; and 3M Specialty High Temperature Masking Tape 501+ for the highest degree of industrial performance in high temperature paint baking applications.

“Choosing an industrial masking tape should be simple,” said Matthew Van Vleet, U.S. product manager at 3M. “Customers need to have confidence that they’re using the right level of performance for the job.” To make this happen, 3M is proud to launch a new lineup of five industrial masking tapes -- 101+, 201+, 301+, 401+ and 501+ -- built on increasing levels of performance and engineered to perform in most all industrial jobs that require a masking tape.

According to Van Vleet, 3M’s new five-tape system is designed to help customers choose the right level of performance for the job. With the new lineup of 3M Masking Made Simple tapes, performance levels will be easy to determine.

For more information, visit 3M.com/maskingmadesimple.

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