$3.4 million awarded in nail gun suit against Stanley, Home Depot

A Hartford, Conn. jury has awarded a construction worker $3.4 million in a civil lawsuit against Stanley Works and Home Depot, according to a report in the Hartford Courant newspaper.

Carpenter Jerry Crutchfield was working on a church project when an accident caused a 3.5-inch nail to go through his cheek and into his brain. The injury left him partially paralyzed.

However, the jury found Crutchfield 55 percent liable for the accident because he was using the nail gun incorrectly against metal rather than wood.

Ted Morris, an attorney for Stanley Works, told the newspaper the gun met industry standards. He did not say whether the company would appeal the verdict. "The tool can be used safely. All power tools pose risk. People have to be very careful and follow the instructions," he said.

The N79 model of nail gun is no longer sold at Home Depot stores.

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