For 84 Lumber, the hits (and hates) keep coming

An immigration-themed Super Bowl ad generates a ton of reaction on social media

Concluding scene from 84 Lumber's full-length "Journey" commercial.

The 84 Lumber Entire Journey YouTube video, which takes the lumberyard’s immigration-themed, 90-second Super Bowl ad and runs with it for a full 5 minutes and 44 seconds, has garnered more than 10 million views on YouTube as of Wednesday afternoon.

Adweek called the ending of 84 Lumber’s uncensored Super Bowl commercial “beautiful and provocative.”

The extended-cut video concluded with the phrase: “The will to succeed is always welcome here.” The stated mission of the ad was to position 84 Lumber as a company of opportunity for the next generation of the housing industry. 

On YouTube, thumbs up outnumbered thumbs down by a score of 83,617 to 28,062. Still, as expected, there were quite a few negative comments in the blogosphere, mostly by those who interpreted the ad as a celebration of illegal immigration — a point the company was quick to deny in a tweet of its own:

Other tweets ran the gamut from full-throttled support to venomous opposition. Here's a sampling:

Meredith Klein, public relations account supervisor for 84 Lumber agency Brunner, said online viewership for all the campaign's videos has crossed the 15 million mark, and the reaction has been predictably diverse — "a lot of conversation, both for and against."

She added: "It's an important conversation to have and we hope the commercial has helped to humanize what has become a very divisive issue. At the end of the day, these are people and families we're talking about."


- 10:21 AM says

I never would have guessed that the illegal alien was 84 lumbers biggest customer. It's good to advertise to your base and to "alienate" the rest of us. (No pun intended.) Interesting.........

- 11:32 AM
eziedrich says

The 84 Lumber Superbowl ad was thoughtful and sensitive, but the why's haunt me. What was the objective? Did I hear that the ad cost $15 million to run? If 84 was a publicly traded company and I was a shareholder, I'd be enraged! Fortunately, I'm not, so just completely perplexed.

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