WOLF's March KBI shows good things ahead for housing

WOLF's Key Buyer Index (KBI) for March suggests sunnier skies ahead as the industry moves ahead into the second quarter.

Last month's score of 75.63 points to improving trends in consumer confidence, housing activity and weather conditions.

Additionally, the building products KBI score of 88.89 is at its highest ever, "signaling a potential breakout season for the sector," said the company in a statement.

Regionally, the index was highest in the winterbeaten Northeast, reaching 96.67 in building products and 78.89 overall.

The Mid Atlantic region is next in line at an overall KBI of 71.43, with 95 for building products and 76.67 in kitchen products.

The Midwest and Southeastern region clocked in at 61.67 overall.

WOLF's KBI measures dealer sentiments about the near-term outlook for building materials, with a score of 50 reflecting a neutral outlook and anything above 50 signaling positive tides.

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